Austria to US Shoe Size Conversion: Easy Chart

Austria to US Shoe Size Conversion

Hey there! Ever felt confused about buying shoes online, especially if they’re from Austria? Well, worry no more! In this guide, we’ll help you figure out Austrian shoe sizes so you can shop online with confidence. Converting Austrian sizes to US sizes is like solving a puzzle, but don’t worry, we’ll make it super simple for you. For women’s shoes, just add 2.5 to the Austrian size, and for men’s, add 0.75. Understanding this helps you buy shoes that fit perfectly, whether it’s for you or someone else. Shopping for shoes should be fun, not frustrating, and knowing international shoe sizes makes it easier, especially when buying from other countries. So get ready to become a shoe-shopping pro by the end of this guide!

Introduction To Shoe Size Conversion

Imagine buying shoes from another country and they fit perfectly when they arrive. Shoe size conversion is key to this happy scenario. Different countries have their own shoe size systems. Understanding how to convert shoe sizes, like from Austria to the US, gives you more choices and a sure fit. Now, let’s dive into why getting this conversion right is crucial for your comfort and style!

Why Size Conversion Matters

Size conversion ensures a great fit, no matter where your shoes are from. It helps you shop globally without worry. Here’s why it’s essential:

  • Global Brand Access: With conversion, you can buy from international brands.
  • Online Shopping Ease: It makes buying shoes online from other countries simple.
  • Saving Time and Effort: Knowing your converted size means fewer returns.

Challenges Of Finding The Right Fit

Finding shoes that fit can be tricky, even with a size chart. Here are some common challenges:

  • Brand Variations: Sizes may vary between brands, even using the same system.
  • Width Differences: Shoe width is not always standard across countries or brands.
  • Half Sizes Unavailability: Not all regions offer half sizes, complicating the conversion.
Austria SizeUS Women’s SizeUS Men’s Size

Anatomy Of Shoe Sizing

The world of footwear often involves navigating through a complex grid of shoe sizing standards. The ‘Anatomy of Shoe Sizing’ unveils the intricate blueprint behind the numbers and letters we see stamped inside our sneakers, boots, and dress shoes. Understanding shoe sizes blurs international lines, guiding a seamless fit from Austria’s cobblestone streets to the bustling avenues of the United States.

Understanding Austria’s Sizing System

Shoe sizes in Austria, as in most European countries, align with the continental European sizing standard. This system measures the foot’s length in Paris Points, which equals two-thirds of a centimeter. Austrian shoe sizes form a part of this broader European standard.

Understanding Austria's Sizing System

When converting Austria shoe sizes to US sizes, the process involves a few simple calculations:

  • For men’s shoes, add approximately 0.5-0.7 to the US size to get the Austrian size.
  • For women’s shoes, add roughly 2 to the US size for the right Austrian fit.

Comparing Us And Austrian Shoe Sizes

Comparing sizing between the US and Austria can prevent uncomfortable fits and returns. A comparison chart can serve as a valuable reference.

US Size (Men)Austria Size (Men)US Size (Women)Austria Size (Women)

Note the differences in sizing nuances—a slight increase for men and a somewhat larger jump for women. When buying Austria-sized shoes, consider consulting a sizing chart to ensure a comfortable fit.

Step-by-step Guide To Convert Sizes

Are you planning on purchasing shoes from Austria but confused about the size conversion to the US standard? Worry not! The step-by-step guide below will help you accurately convert your Austrian shoe size to a US size with ease.

Measuring Your Foot Correctly

The first step is to get the correct measurement of your foot. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place a blank sheet of paper on the floor against a wall.
  • Stand on the paper with your heel against the wall.
  • Mark the longest part of your foot on the paper.
  • Measure the length from the wall to the mark.
  • Write down this measurement in centimeters, as it is the common scale used in Austria.

Using Conversion Charts Effectively

Once you have your foot measured, the next step is to use a conversion chart to find your US size:

Austrian Size (EU)Foot Length (cm)US Size (Men)US Size (Women)
  • Find the row with your foot length or the closest measurement.
  • Look across the row to see the corresponding US size.
  • If between sizes, choose the larger size for comfort.

Some brands may differ slightly in sizes. Always check with the manufacturer’s size guide when possible. With these simple steps, you can shop for Austrian shoes with confidence knowing they will fit comfortably!

Tips For Shopping Shoes Internationally

If you love shoes, buying them from different countries can be fun! It’s exciting to try styles from across the world. Yet, shopping for shoes internationally can be tricky. You’ll need to know your shoe size in the country you’re buying from. Plus, every place has its own unique shoe trends! Let’s get you ready to shop for shoes anywhere, especially if you’re converting from Austria to US sizes.

Online Shopping Considerations

Before you click “buy” on those dreamy Austrian shoes, think about a few key things:

  • Size Charts: Always look for a size conversion chart on the website.
  • Customer Reviews: They often mention if shoes fit true to size.
  • Return Policies: Check if you can return shoes that don’t fit.
  • Shipping Costs: Remember, international shipping can be pricey!

Here’s a handy table to understand Austrian shoe sizes compared to US sizes:

Austria Size (EU)US Men’s SizeUS Women’s Size

Cultural Differences In Shoe Styles

Shoe styles can tell you a lot about a place’s culture. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Austria often favors quality leather and classic designs.
  2. The US has a mix of casual and sporty shoes.
  3. Look at local fashion blogs to learn what’s trending.

Remember, the best shoe is one that makes you feel great!

Common Mistakes To Avoid

When shopping for shoes internationally, it’s tricky to find the perfect fit. Converting Austrian shoe sizes to US sizes should be straightforward. Yet, many shoppers make simple mistakes. These blunders can lead to returns, wasted time, and unworn shoes.

Austria's Sizing Common Mistakes To Avoid

Misinterpreting Size Charts

Understanding size charts is crucial. Each brand may vary slightly in sizing. Always check the specific brand’s chart when converting sizes. A size 38 in Austria may not equal a US size 8. Look for a conversion guide that matches the brand you are buying.

Tables can present size conversions clearly:

Austrian SizeUS Men’s SizeUS Women’s Size

Measure your foot length for the best results. Match this measurement to the brand’s size chart.

Ignoring Width Measurements

Size is more than length. Width is just as important. A shoe may fit in length but be too narrow or wide. Most people overlook the width option when ordering. This leads to uncomfortable shoes.

A shoe’s width is sometimes indicated by letters:

  • A – for narrow feet
  • B – for medium width
  • C/D – for wide feet
  • E – for extra wide

Some brands offer different width options. Look for these before you decide. Measure the width of your feet and compare with the chart.

Remember these tips to avoid common sizing mistakes. Always double-check the size chart and width measurements before making a purchase. This ensures a comfortable fit and avoids unnecessary returns.

Additional Resources For Accurate Conversion

Finding the perfect shoe size match between Austria and the US takes more than a simple chart. Below, explore additional resources that provide precise conversion and fitting guidance.

Apps And Tools For Size Conversion

With technology at your fingertips, the process becomes straightforward. A range of apps and online tools offer quick and easy size conversions, taking out the guesswork from international shoe shopping. Here’s a list of popular options:

  • Size Converter Apps: Downloadable for both Android and iOS, these apps convert Austria sizes to US sizes in a snap.
  • Online Conversion Tools: These websites feature interactive charts and calculators for instant size equivalency.
  • Brand Size Guides: Check the official websites of shoe brands for their specific size conversion charts.

Professional Fitting Advice

The best way to ensure a perfect fit is through professional advice. Footwear specialists provide services that consider length, width, and arch support for optimal comfort. Here are benefits of seeking professional fitting:

  1. A customized assessment of your foot’s unique shape and size.
  2. Tips on maintaining shoe health and extending the life of your footwear.

Visiting local shoe stores or specialty footwear shops offers the opportunity to receive this personalized service. Remember, the right fit means greater comfort and better support for your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Austria Shoe Size To Us

How Do You Convert Austria To Us Shoe Sizes?

Austrian shoe sizes can typically be converted to US sizes by adding 0. 5-0. 75 for men and 1. 5-2 for women to the Austrian size.

What Is A Size 38 In Austria In Us?

In the US, an Austrian size 38 for women translates to a size 7. 5, and for men, to a size 6.


Navigating the conversion between Austria and US shoe sizes just got easier! With this guide at your fingertips, you’ll be stepping out in perfectly-fitted shoes no matter where you shop. Remember, double-checking measurements ensures a comfortable and stylish fit across continents.

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