New Zealand Shoe Size to US

New Zealand Shoe Size to US

Ever wonder about the difference between shoe sizes in New Zealand and the US? Well, for women, New Zealand shoe sizes are usually about 1.5 sizes larger than US women’s sizes, while men’s sizes generally match up. Through my research and experience, I’ve found this to be a common source of confusion for many shoppers. By understanding this simple conversion, readers can confidently shop for shoes online or while traveling, saving time and avoiding the hassle of returns. So, if you’ve ever struggled with finding the right shoe size, keep reading to learn all about converting New Zealand shoe sizes to US sizes!

Shoe Size Differences

Ever tried buying shoes from another country? You may find that a perfect fit isn’t just about the length of your foot. Shoe sizes can be confusing, especially when converting from New Zealand to US sizes. This guide helps make sense of these differences.

Metric Vs. Inches

The first thing to understand in shoe size conversion is the measurement system. New Zealand often uses UK sizes, which, like Europe, measure in metric (centimetres). The US, on the other hand, uses the imperial system (inches).

This difference in systems means that a shoe size conversion involves more than a simple one-to-one size change. It requires an understanding of how these measurements equate.

New Zealand Size (NZ)US Men’s SizeUS Women’s Size

Geographic Sizing Variations

Not only do measurement systems vary, but region-specific sizing also provides its own challenges. Shoe size can differ vastly across different brands and countries.

  • NZ and UK sizes are typically one size smaller than US men’s sizes.
  • For women, a NZ size is around two sizes smaller than a US size.
  • A US men’s size 10 would be a New Zealand men’s size 9.

Here’s a quick reference to help:

  1. Measure your foot in centimetres or inches.
  2. Find a size chart that includes NZ and US sizes.
  3. Compare your foot measurement to the chart to find your size.

New Zealand To US Shoe Size Chart

Traveling between New Zealand and the United States can be exciting. Yet, buying shoes can be confusing. Shoe sizes are different in both countries. Fortunately, the New Zealand to US Shoe Size Chart is here to help. This chart makes it easy to find the right shoe size. Whether it’s for men, women, or children, the perfect fit is on this chart. Remember that each footwear brand can vary slightly in size. Always check the specific brand’s sizing guide when possible.

Men’s Size Conversion

Finding the right men’s shoe size is simple with this chart. Just find your New Zealand size. Then look across to see your US size. Here’s how you can convert men’s sizes:

New Zealand SizeUS Size

Women’s Size Conversion

Ladies, get your US shoe size easily. Start with your New Zealand measurement. Then use the chart below. It will show your corresponding US size. Check out the women’s conversion:

New Zealand SizeUS Size

Children’s Size Conversion

Even kids need the perfect shoe fit. This handy chart is for little feet too. From tiny toddlers to bigger kids, find the size they need.
Use this conversion chart for children:

  • Infants: NZ size 2 the US size should be added according to the conversion chart
  • Toddlers: NZ size 5 the US size should be added according to the conversion chart
  • Young Children: NZ size 10 the US size should be added according to the conversion chart

Factors That Matter

Shoe size conversion can be a tricky task. Many factors come into play when converting New Zealand shoe sizes to US sizes. In this section, we explore what can impact those conversion numbers. You’ll learn that it’s not just about numbers. Let’s make sure those shoes fit you perfectly!

Brand Specific Sizing

Different brands make sizes a bit differently. Some run small, others large. Always check the brand’s own size chart. This ensures a good fit.

  • Compare New Zealand to US sizes for accuracy.
  • Look at customer reviews for clues on fit.
  • Use a branded chart before purchasing.

Width Considerations

Foot width changes how shoes fit. Most brands offer different width options. Remember this alongside length sizes.

Width MarksNew ZealandUS
NarrowBA or B
StandardDC or D
WideE or EEE
Extra WideEEE+EE+

Material And Shoe Style

Shoes are made from different materials. Some stretch, others don’t. This affects size conversion.

  1. Leather shoes can stretch after wearing.
  2. Synthetic materials tend to hold their shape.
  3. Sports shoes often come with extra padding.

Shoe style also matters. Heels fit differently than flats or sneakers. Try on a few styles to find what works best.

How To Measure Your Feet Accurately

Understanding shoe sizes between countries can be puzzling. Before converting New Zealand shoe sizes to US sizes, a precise foot measurement ensures a perfect fit. Here is a simple guide to measuring your feet accurately at home.

Tools You’ll Need

Gathering the right tools is the first step to success. Ensure you have:

  • A sheet of paper larger than your foot.
  • A pen or pencil for tracing.
  • A ruler or measuring tape to measure the tracing.
  • A flat wall to stand against while measuring.

Step-by-step Measuring Guide

  1. Place the paper on a flat surface near a wall.
  2. Stand on the paper with your heel lightly touching the wall.
  3. Mark the longest part of your foot on the paper. Do this for both feet.
  4. Measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the mark.
  5. Record these measurements in centimeters or inches.

Use the larger of the two measurements when selecting your shoe size. This method helps you find the most comfortable size for both feet.

Tips For International Shoe Shopping

Understanding shoe sizes for international purchases can be tricky. This section offers practical advice when buying shoes from different countries. Specifically, transitioning from New Zealand to US shoe sizes. Follow these expert tips to find your perfect fit, no matter where you shop.

Reading Online Size Guides

Never ignore size charts. Brands often publish detailed size guides. These guides are specifically tailored for their footwear. Ensure you check these before making a purchase. Remember, a small effort in research saves you the hassle of returns.

  • Measure your foot length in centimeters or inches.
  • Compare measurements to the brand’s provided size chart.
  • Look for conversion guides between New Zealand and US sizes.

Understanding Size Tolerances

Be aware of size tolerances across different brands. A size 9 in one brand might not be the same in another. It’s crucial to understand that sizing can vary. Check reviews or forums for insights.

BrandNew Zealand SizeUS Size Equivalent
Brand A99.5
Brand B910

Note the differences and choose the size most likely to fit.

Know Your Sizing For Different Shoe Types

Different shoes need different fits. Sneakers might be more forgiving than dress shoes. Understand this to pick well. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Sneakers: Opt for comfort with a bit more room to move.
  2. Dress Shoes: Prioritize snug fit, but not tight.
  3. Running Shoes: Consider space for toes and breathability.

Armed with this knowledge, shop confidently for shoes, no matter the country or brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Convert Nz To Us Shoe Sizes?

New Zealand shoe sizes typically run one size larger than US sizes. For precise conversions, consult a size chart.

What Is Us Size 8 In New Zealand?

A US size 8 in men’s shoes is generally equivalent to a New Zealand size 7, while in women’s sizes may vary slightly.

Can Shoe Size Conversion Charts Be Trusted?

Conversion charts are reliable for shoe size conversion, though trying on shoes for comfort is recommended as brands may vary.


Navigating shoe size conversions doesn’t have to be tricky. With this guide, you’re set to shop for shoes from New Zealand with confidence. Remember to consult the conversion table for accuracy before making a purchase. Now, step forward and add some international flair to your footwear collection without a hitch!

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