Shoe Size Conversion Chart UK to Australia

Shoe Size Conversion Chart UK to Australia

Have you ever wondered how to convert shoe sizes from the UK to Australia? It’s simple! If you wear a UK size 3, your Australian size is 5. For a UK size 4, it’s an AU 6, and so on. I’ve often found that understanding this conversion can be really helpful when shopping for shoes online. By knowing your Australian shoe size, you can confidently order from UK-based retailers without worrying about getting the wrong size. So, if you’re planning to buy shoes from the UK, keep this conversion chart handy to ensure a perfect fit every time!”

Uk And Australian Shoe Size Systems

When it comes to shoe shopping, one of the crucial factors to consider is getting the right size. Whether you’re planning to purchase shoes from the United Kingdom or Australia, it’s essential to understand the shoe size systems used in these countries. With this knowledge in hand, you can make informed choices and ensure a comfortable fit for your feet.

Overview Of Uk Shoe Size System

In the United Kingdom, the shoe size system is based on the length of your feet in inches. This system follows a simple numerical progression, with each size representing an increment of 1/3 of an inch. For instance, a size 6 UK shoe is 9.67 inches in length, while a size 7 UK shoe is 10 inches long.

Overview Of Australian Shoe Size System

The Australian shoe size system, on the other hand, is similar to the UK system but with slight variations. It is primarily based on the length of your feet in centimeters. The sizes in the Australian system also follow a numeric pattern, with each size representing an increment of 6.67 millimeters. For example, a size 6 AU shoe is approximately 23 centimeters long, while a size 7 AU shoe measures around 23.67 centimeters in length.

Differences And Similarities Between The Two Systems

Although the UK and Australian shoe size systems have some differences, they also share a number of similarities. Let’s take a closer look:

UK Shoe SizeAustralian Shoe Size
  • Both systems use a numerical progression to denote sizes.
  • The sizes in both systems increase as your feet get longer.
  • The fractional increments in the UK system are smaller than those in the Australian system.
  • If you’re used to buying shoes in one system, it can be helpful to refer to a conversion chart when shopping in the other.

Being aware of these similarities and differences can make your shoe shopping experience more convenient, especially if you often shop for shoes from both the UK and Australia.

Using The Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Are you planning to buy some trendy footwear from the UK to add a touch of British fashion to your Australian wardrobe? Before making your purchase, it is essential to ensure that you get the right shoe size that fits you perfectly. This is where a shoe size conversion chart can be incredibly helpful. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of using the shoe size conversion chart effectively, along with some handy tips and common pitfalls to avoid.

Step-by-step Guide To Using The Chart

  1. Measure your foot accurately: Begin by measuring the length of your foot in centimeters. Place a paper against a wall, stand on it with your heel touching the wall, and mark the longest part of your foot on the paper. Measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the mark you made. Record this measurement.
  2. Consult the shoe size conversion chart: Once you have your foot measurement, it’s time to refer to the shoe size conversion chart. Look for your foot measurement in centimeters and find the corresponding UK shoe size. Make a note of this size.
  3. Confirm the conversion: To ensure accuracy, it is advisable to cross-verify your foot measurement in inches and compare it with the chart. This extra step can help minimize errors and ensure a more precise conversion.
  4. Try on shoes if possible: If you have the option, try on shoes of the relevant UK size to see if they fit comfortably. Sometimes, individual preferences and different shoe designs may require slight adjustments in size.

Tips For Accurate Measurements

  • Measure your feet in the evening: Our feet can swell slightly throughout the day, so measuring them in the evening ensures you account for any size changes.
  • Wear socks: When measuring your feet, it’s best to wear socks similar to those you would typically wear with the shoes you plan to purchase. This helps in achieving a more accurate measurement.
  • Use a flat surface: Stand on a flat and hard surface while taking your foot measurements to avoid any inconsistencies due to uneven ground.
  • Measure both feet: Often, our feet are slightly different in size. To ensure a comfortable fit, measure both feet and use the larger size as a reference.

Common Pitfalls To Avoid

  • Guessing your size: Avoid relying on guesswork when using the conversion chart. Always take accurate measurements for the best results.
  • Not considering width: Shoe size conversion charts typically do not account for width variations. If you have wide or narrow feet, be mindful of this and consider going up or down a size accordingly.
  • Ignoring personal preferences: Different shoe styles and brands may have variations in sizing. Be aware of your own preferences and the specific characteristics of the shoes you intend to buy.
  • User errors: Mishandling or incorrectly reading the conversion chart can lead to incorrect shoe sizes. Take your time to understand the instructions and double-check your conversions.

With this step-by-step guide, invaluable tips, and awareness of common pitfalls, you are now equipped to navigate the shoe size conversion chart with confidence. Ensure a perfect fit for your new shoes and embrace British fashion seamlessly into your Australian wardrobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uk And Aus Shoe Size The Same?

Yes, UK and Aus shoe sizes are different. You need to convert your size when buying shoes in the other country.

What Size Is Uk 8 In Australia?

UK size 8 is equivalent to a size 6 in Australia.

What Is The Shoe Size Conversion From Australia To Usa?

The shoe size conversion from Australia to USA is generally one size smaller in Australia. So if you wear a size 8 in the USA, you would typically wear a size 7 in Australia.


To ensure a stress-free shopping experience, understanding shoe size conversions is essential. This comprehensive UK to Australia shoe size conversion chart provides an easy reference guide. By knowing the equivalent sizes, you can confidently order footwear from UK or Australian retailers without any confusion.

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