Shoe Size Chart Vietnam

Shoe Size Chart Vietnam

Have you ever wondered how to find the perfect shoe size for your feet while shopping in Vietnam? Well, you’re in luck! In Vietnam, shoe sizes are usually measured using European numbers, ranging from 35 to 46. For boys and men in the US, these sizes translate to between 5 and 11.5, and for girls and women, it’s between 4.5 and 11. During my own shoe hunts, I’ve found this chart super helpful to avoid buying shoes that pinch my toes or slip off my heels! By reading about how shoe sizes work in Vietnam, you’ll be better prepared for your next shopping adventure, ensuring you get a comfy fit every time. Plus, you’ll save time and avoid the hassle of returns, making your shoe shopping a breeze.

History Of Shoe Sizing In Vietnam

The journey of shoe sizing in Vietnam reflects its rich cultural evolution. From time-honored traditions to global integration, Vietnam’s footwear history is both diverse and dynamic. Let’s delve into how shoe sizing has transformed over the years in this fascinating country.

Traditional Vietnamese Footwear

Vietnamese culture favored simple and functional footwear for centuries. This was evident in ethnic shoes like the “guốc”, wooden clogs, and “dép”, traditional sandals. Each was hand-crafted to fit the wearer, eliminating the need for a standardized size chart. Here are a few characteristics of these shoes:

  • Guốc: Carved from wood, elevated to protect from water and debris.
  • Dép: Flat sole with a toe post, using natural materials like straw or leather.

These shoes were more about utility and less about fashion, reflecting the Vietnamese way of life.

Adoption Of International Shoe Size Standards

As Vietnam embraced global trade, the need for a universal shoe size system became apparent. Shoe manufacturers in Vietnam started adopting international shoe size standards, including US, UK, and European sizes, enabling them to serve both local and global markets efficiently. This transition made shopping easier for everybody. Check out how Vietnamese sizes compare to international sizes:

Vietnamese SizeUS SizeUK SizeEU Size

Measuring Feet The Vietnamese Way

Welcome to the world of Vietnamese shoe sizing. Unique and precise, measuring feet the Vietnamese way ensures a perfect fit for your footwear. This traditional method takes into account the local sizing standards. It guarantees the shoes you choose will be comfortable and stylish. Let’s delve into the specifics with a simple, child-friendly approach.

Step By Step Guide To Measuring Your Foot

Getting the right shoe size starts with accurate measurement. Follow this easy guide:

  • Stand on a piece of paper with your heel against a wall.
  • Mark the longest part of your foot (usually the big toe or second toe).
  • Use a ruler to measure from the end of the paper to the mark in centimeters.
  • Record the measurement and compare it with the Vietnamese shoe size chart.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

To avoid common errors, remember these tips:

  1. Measure both feet. One might be bigger than the other.
  2. Measure at the end of the day when your feet are largest.
  3. Wear socks you plan to use with the shoes.
  4. Don’t assume your size is the same in all shoe brands.

By following these steps, your next shoe purchase will be comfy and stylish!

Comparing Vietnamese Sizes With Other Countries

Shoe shopping can be tricky. Especially if you’re looking at sizes from different countries. A perfect fit is important for comfort. It’s useful to know how Vietnamese shoe sizes compare. This ensures a great match no matter where you buy them.

Comparing Vietnamese Sizes With Other Countries

Vietnam Vs. Usa Shoe Sizes

There’s a distinct difference between Vietnamese and USA sizes. They may seem similar. In truth, numbers don’t match directly. Here’s a guide to help you convert sizes:

USA Men’s SizeVietnam Men’s Size (mm)USA Women’s SizeVietnam Women’s Size (mm)

Remember: Sizes can vary between brands. Always check a company’s size guide.

Europe To Vietnam Size Conversion

Converting European sizes to Vietnamese sizes takes a little math. Vietnam uses millimeters. Europe uses a different system. Check out the conversion below:

  • EU size 38 is roughly 240 mm in Vietnam.
  • EU size 42 translates to 260 mm in Vietnam.

More list items as per data

Boldly step onto international soil with confidence in your shoe size knowledge!

Children’s Shoe Size Chart In Vietnam

Welcome to the guide on Children’s Shoe Size Chart in Vietnam. Finding the right shoe size for children can be tricky. This chart helps parents in Vietnam select the perfect fit for their kids’ growing feet. Let’s explore the most important aspects of using a kids’ shoe size chart.

Interpreting The Kids’ Chart

To use the chart accurately, you need to understand what the numbers mean. Shoe sizes for children are sometimes different than adult sizes. Vietnamese children’s sizes might also differ from international ones.

VN SizeUS SizeFoot Length (cm)

Always measure both feet. Many kids have one foot slightly larger than the other. Choose a size based on the larger foot.

While measuring, make sure your child stands. Their full weight affects foot size. After measuring, use the chart to find the corresponding size.

Growth Considerations For Children’s Shoes

Kids’ feet grow fast. Check shoe fit often to avoid discomfort. Allow room for growth when choosing sizes. Typically, there should be a thumb’s width from the toe to the shoe’s end.

  • A child’s foot can grow a size up in just a few months.
  • Check the fit every 2-3 months for toddlers and every 4-6 months for older children.
  • Squeezed toes can lead to health issues. Ensure there’s enough space.

Remember to consider wider shoes for children with broader feet. Shoes that are too narrow can cause discomfort. Children should wear shoes that allow natural movement and development.

TIP: Look for flexible soles and good support. A well-fitted shoe provides comfort and aids healthy foot growth.

Women’s Shoe Size Variations

Understanding shoe size charts can be tricky. Sizes vary across different countries and brands. In Vietnam, women’s shoe sizes may look different from what you’re used to. It’s important to find the right fit. That’s why knowing how to read a Vietnamese shoe size chart matters.

Shoe Width Considerations

Shoe width is as critical as length. Shoes that are too narrow or wide can cause comfort issues. In Vietnam, women’s shoes typically come in standard widths. But feet are unique! Look for brands offering multiple width options. Remember:

  • Check the width indicated next to the size.
  • Measure your foot width at the broadest point.
  • Use a width chart to match your measurement.

Translating Women’s Sizes Across Brands

Not all brands size shoes the same way. A size from one brand may fit you differently than another. Overseas brands might use a totally different sizing system. Be smart:

  1. Study and compare size charts from different brands.
  2. Look for online tools to convert sizes between brands.
  3. Always try on shoes when possible to ensure a perfect fit.

A table of common size translations can help:

Vietnamese SizeUS SizeEuropean SizeUK SizeFoot Length (cm)

Remember, the perfect fit enhances your comfort and keeps your feet happy. Always double-check size charts and don’t be afraid to reach out to customer service for advice. Find shoes that make your feet feel as good as they look!

Men’s Shoe Size Trends In Vietnam

The quest for the perfect shoe size is on the rise among Vietnamese men. Understanding men’s shoe size trends in Vietnam is vital for comfort and style. Men in Vietnam are diverse in their footwear measurements. Trends reveal a shift towards larger sizes and international standards.

Finding The Right Fit For Men

A great shoe fit ensures comfort and avoids foot problems. To find the right shoe, men in Vietnam can use a standard shoe size chart. Match the foot length to the corresponding size. Remember, the right fit varies depending on foot width and shape.

  • Measure feet in the afternoon; feet expand during the day
  • Consider both length and width for a true fit
  • Try on multiple sizes to ensure the best fit

Impact Of Shoe Style On Sizing

Different shoe styles affect size needs. Sneakers might offer more room, while leather shoes may require breaking in. Always check the size guide for every shoe style. The same foot can have different sizes across styles and brands.

Shoe StyleSize Adjustment
SneakersTrue to size
Dress ShoesGo half a size down
SandalsConsider wider fit

Shoe Shopping Tips For Tourists In Vietnam

Welcome to the colorful world of shopping in Vietnam, a paradise for footwear enthusiasts! Whether you’re strolling through bustling markets or eyeing elegant boutiques, finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a highlight of your visit. To help you step right into the joy of Vietnamese shoe shopping, let’s explore some expert tips.

Where To Buy Authentic Vietnamese Footwear

Embark on a treasure hunt for genuine Vietnamese shoes at the following spots:

  • Local Markets: Check out Bến Thành Market in Saigon or Hanoi’s Old Quarter for a variety of styles.
  • Boutiques: Visit boutique stores for handmade designs, especially those located along Hang Dau Street in Hanoi.
  • Brand Stores: For known brands, look for official storefronts in major cities to ensure authenticity and quality.

Navigating Shoe Sizes As A Visitor

Shoe size conversions can be tricky. Here’s a simplified chart to help you:

Vietnam SizeUS Size (Women)US Size (Men)EU Size

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Always try shoes on, as sizes can vary between brands.
  2. Remember to convert based on your home country’s measurement.
  3. If in doubt, ask for assistance; shopkeepers are usually helpful with sizes.

Online Shopping And Shoe Sizes

Shopping for shoes online brings unmatched convenience, yet sizing can become a puzzle faced with diverse charts and measurements. Especially when considering shoe sizes in Vietnam, it’s crucial to understand the right fit to avoid returns and exchanges. A clear shoe size chart for Vietnam makes this task easier, ensuring a satisfied online shopping trip every time.

How To Purchase The Correct Size Online

Before clicking ‘buy now’ on those stylish shoes, here’s a guide:

  • Measure your feet – Place them flat on a piece of paper and outline them. Use a ruler to measure the length from the heel to the longest toe.
  • Refer to a reliable size chart – Match your measurements against the Vietnamese shoe size chart for an accurate fit.
  • Check reviews – Previous customers might mention if sizes run small or large.
  • Seek shop’s guidance – Customer support can provide valuable insights.

Dealing With Size Discrepancies In Online Orders

Found yourself with a size too small or large? Here’s how to tackle such challenges:

  1. Review the return policy – Before ordering, know your options if the size is off.
  2. Look for free size exchanges – Some online stores offer this, making your purchase risk-free.
  3. Contact customer service – They can help sort out sizing issues and provide suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions On Shoe Size Chart Vietnam

How To Convert Us Shoe Sizes To Vietnamese?

Vietnam uses European sizing standards, so to convert US men’s sizes to Vietnamese, add 33 to the US size; for women’s sizes add 31 to 33.

Is There A Child Shoe Size Chart For Vietnam?

Yes, children’s shoe size charts for Vietnam reflect European standards, with sizes typically ranging from 18 to 36.

Can Shoe Sizes Vary Between Brands In Vietnam?

Shoe sizes can indeed vary slightly between different brands in Vietnam, so it’s advisable to check each brand’s specific size chart or try them on before purchasing.


Navigating the nuances of Vietnamese shoe sizing can be straightforward. With the chart we’ve provided, you’re now equipped to find the perfect fit. Remember, a correctly sized shoe ensures comfort and support for your daily adventures. Set forth confidently with this guide as your ally in shopping for footwear, whether online or during a visit to Vietnam. 

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