Vietnam Shoe Size Comparison to Philippines: Find Your Perfect Fit

Vietnam Shoe Size Comparison to Philippines

Embarking on the quest for the perfect pair of shoes transcends mere length; it involves unraveling the intricate web of unique sizing systems across different countries. This guide serves as your compass through the labyrinth of shoe sizes between Vietnam and the Philippines. Whether you’re shopping for men, women, kids, or youth, this comprehensive manual ensures your next footwear purchase is tailored to perfection.

Vietnam Shoe Size Comparison to Philippines Chart

To simplify your shoe shopping journey, we’ve meticulously crafted a detailed comparison of Vietnamese shoe sizes in centimeters and the Mondopoint system used in the Philippines.

Vietnam Shoe Size Comparison to Philippines Chart

Shoe Size Comparison Table for Men, Women, Kids, and Youth

Comprehending the nuances of the provided shoe size comparison table is essential for making informed decisions. Each row delineates Vietnamese shoe sizes in centimeters, meticulously matched with corresponding Mondopoint sizes used in the Philippines. The categories span women, men, kids, and youth, ensuring a panoramic view tailored for all age groups.

Vietnamese Size (cm)Philippine Size (Mondopoint)Category

Note: The sizes provided are approximate conversions. For the most accurate fit, consult specific size charts from retailers.

Navigating the Table:

  • Vietnamese Size (cm): Represents the length of the foot in centimeters.
  • Philippine Size (Mondopoint): Corresponding shoe size in the Mondopoint system used in the Philippines.
  • Category: Indicates whether the size is for women, men, kids, or youth.

Why Precision in Shoe Sizing Matters: A Concise Overview

Understanding these distinctions is pivotal to ensuring comfort and style for each member of your family. When venturing into the realm of international shoe shopping, recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all becomes paramount. The varying shoe size systems in Vietnam and the Philippines necessitate awareness to make well-informed choices.

Pro Tips for International Shoe Shopping:

  1. Leverage Conversion Tools:
  • Seamlessly translate Vietnamese sizes to the Mondopoint system used in the Philippines with the help of online conversion tools.
  1. The Fit Test:
  • Whenever feasible, try on shoes or explore customer reviews for sizing insights.
  1. Retailer Guidance:
  • Rely on specific size charts provided by retailers for the utmost precision in your selections.

Conversion Method: Translating Vietnamese to Philippine Shoe Sizes

Vietnam Shoe Size Comparison to Philippines Conversion Method

Understanding the conversion method is pivotal when navigating diverse shoe size systems. Here’s a step-by-step guide to translating Vietnamese shoe sizes to the Mondopoint system in the Philippines:

  1. Identify Vietnamese Size (cm):
  1. Conversion to Mondopoint System:
  • Utilize online conversion tools or reference conversion charts to translate centimeters to the Mondopoint system employed in the Philippines.
  1. Select the Appropriate Category:
  • Determine if you are seeking men’s, women’s, kids’, or youth’s sizes, and choose the corresponding Mondopoint size.
  1. Consult Retailer Charts:
  • For the most precise fit, consistently refer to size charts provided by specific retailers, as sizes may exhibit variations between brands.

FAQ: Addressing Your Shoe Sizing Queries

Do Vietnamese shoe sizes align with Mondopoint sizes?

No, Vietnamese shoe sizes are generally measured in centimeters, while the Mondopoint system in the Philippines employs millimeters.


Decoding the enigma of shoe sizes between Vietnam and the Philippines entails embracing the diversity in sizing systems. Utilize the provided comparison table, follow the conversion method, and consistently consult retailer-specific size charts for an optimal fit. Wishing you joyful and well-informed shoe shopping!

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